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I took a Ford Festiva in for repairs, and drove a loaner Ford Ka home. The only good thing about the Ka is that the roof is a bit higher than the Festiva so I wasn't rubbing my head all the time.

It claims to have a 1.3L engine, but it sure didn't feel like it as I had to use 3rd gear a lot. Can't find the door locks, ended up using the key to lock the door. The air-vents in the middle of the dash are just plain weird. I don't want to play with them just in case I close them by mistake (hmmm, maybe they are closed already, can't really tell by looking at them).

And then there is the accelerator pedal. I had trouble finding it as it is so far left of the side of the footwell that I kept finding air when putting my foot down (caution, don't drive this with wide shoes as hitting two pedals at the same time can be a problem).

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